Welcome to Painted Outlaw Ranch

Welcome, we’re the Mast Family owners of Painted Outlaw Ranch in Arkansaw, Wisconsin.

We started our longhorn journey in 2009 with three heifers and it didn’t take long, and there were 10. We started raising longhorns for the grass finished beef pasture to plate market. The consumer demand took off faster than expected and pretty soon we were searching for more cattle. In 2018 we started to make the switch to all registered cattle to expand our ranch market into raising replacement quality breeding stock alongside our beef program. Our goal is to produce heavy but stylish breeding stock. Our beef can be purchased direct off the farm or can also be found in a few select stores. Some of our farming practices include rotational grazing and unrolling hay in the pasture during winter months. Our cattle are handled often and most enjoy scratches.

We chose the longhorn as our breed of choice based on looks at first. Ammon has always had paint horses and Ali wanted cows. So we met in the middle with “pretty cows.” Soon we were learning about the breed and finding out that they are disease resistant, easy calving, great mothers, and grass efficient. Our family includes twin girls who also have a small herd of their own and are involved in the everyday farm life. From feeding, to forking pens, to helping chute side, they are always helping in some way. We are happy they share our love of longhorns.

We also offer Herbal tinctures at Painted Outlaw Ranch. In 2010 Ali started working with Walker Farms and learned the art of making high quality herbal tinctures, mentoring along side Susan, before taking on the business completely. We use brandy and make the tinctures in small batches the same way she did for many years. Nothing has changed in the making of the tinctures, just the label on the bottle. Painted Outlaw Ranch now manufactures the tinctures and we do not have a practicing herbalist on the farm.

We hope that if you’re in the area you stop and check out our on farm offerings of beef, skulls, tinctures, and herd of Longhorn cattle.

- Ammon & Ali Mast Family

Painted Outlaw Ranch