Grass fed and finished longhorn beef is full of flavor, protein, zinc, selenium, iron, and Vitamins B3, B12, and B6. But it’s lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. The low fat content in longhorn beef makes so there is less shrinkage (more meat for your money) and the meat cooks quickly. The best way to cook longhorn beef is low and slow. We chose to grass finish our beef because it is a healthier choice for the consumer. Also, our cattle are not fed antibiotics nor do we use growth hormones. You are what you eat. We rotate our cattle every few days to new paddocks during the summer and feed them baleage during the winter months. We also unroll the hay so that the manure and waste is already out on the pasture unlike when hay rings are used. We feel if we take care of the land, it will take care of us.

Cuts We Offer

Our beef prices are all per pound

Ground beef $6.00
1/3 pound beef patties $7.25
Roasts (approx 2-4lb pkg)- Arm, Chuck, Round, Rump, and Sirloin Tip $6.50/lb
(Steaks are two per package except Sirloins)
Tenderloin steak $16.25
New York steak  $13.25
Rib steak  $12.25
T-bone steak  $11.25
Porterhouse steak  $11.25 *SOLD OUT*
Sirloin steak  $7.25
Soup bones  $3.50
Smoked beef $12
All beef hotdogs (8 per pack and 1lb pkg)   $7.25/lb
Philly Cheese Steak all beef brats (4 per pack and 1lb pkg)  $7.25/lb
Snack sticks (approx .5 lb pkg)  $10.50/lb
Honey BBQ with cheese *SOLD OUT*
Jalapeño with cheese *SOLD OUT*

Half and quarters of beef are also available at $3.25/lb hanging weight plus processing.

We do not ship beef. All beef orders will have to be picked up on the farm or delivery can sometimes be arranged.

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